"The Win, Keep & Grow Consultancy"

We specialise in Digital Transformation, Strategic Growth Planning, Organisation Restructuring, and Customer Experience Design.

Our aim is to help you successfully adapt or transform your business models and operating characteristics in order to remain competitive in the digital economy. 

We help you achieve this via a proven, methodical approach, founded on market and customer insights, combined with the technology capabilities provided by digital media and cloud-based SaaS solutions, from which we develop outcome-based strategic themes. Once the chosen path is agreed upon, we work with your people, building high performance cross-functional teams, with a laser-like focus on successful execution of the plan. 

The Radicle work ethos seeks to ensure that you retain salience in your product and service offerings, while continuing to deliver ROI and value to your customers.

What We Offer

Radicle provides a range of services, all of which are adapted to your specific needs, wherever in the world you are located, and whatever your situation:

Life After Lockdown – Adapting to the Post-Pandemic World

 Strategic Insight, Development & Direction 

 Strategies for Growth

Organisational Change

   - Product
   - Market
   - Process

Product Management and Proposition Development

Sales Leadership Development

Customer-Centric Business Process Design

Search and Social Media Insights

Market-Specific Research

Executive Coaching & Mentoring

 Leadership Development

Is Your Company a “Digital First” Company?

What do we mean by Digital First? Think for a moment. Every student turning out from our schools, colleges and universities today has conducted his or her entire education in the Internet era. Connected online devices and other digital tools have been integral components of their learning and development.

Smartphones are not just an accessory to them – they are as fundamental to their being as the clothes they wear. Their lives are played out on social media, while almost every aspect of their behaviour is governed by technology. 

These new consumers will mature into the corporate leaders of tomorrow, yet increasingly they are the digital influencers of today. Often referred to as “Millennials” technology is the ‘go to’ default for almost everything they do. The impact of this demographic on almost every aspect of society and business is already being felt.

At Radicle, we have examined the characteristics and behaviours of Digital First consumers, and specifically how they interact with the corporate world, not just in terms of what they buy and where they purchase, but also the key influencers of how they buy, and how they interface with companies and brands today.

Our tailored workshops help you to assess just how prepared your company is to face out to this new digital-savvy customer demographic. We also inject thought-provoking content to help you shape your organisation to adapt and respond to the demands of a new and increasingly brand-ambivalent audience. 

The sessions are highly interactive, fun and engaging, incorporating lots of relevant, targeted questions and engaging exercises.

Millennials will increasingly seek out and engage with Digital First companies and brands. We provide you with an invaluable litmus test to assess whether or not you – and your company – are equipped and ready