The Radicle Journey

Paul Plant

Radicle Consulting was established in 2010.

Paul is a highly experienced, digitally literate Strategic Marketeer, Commercial Leader, Change Agent and Entrepreneur, with an enviable record of growing businesses through a combination of strategic insights, leadership coaching, partner sourcing, and building results-oriented high performing teams.

Paul’s entire career has been in the media, telecoms & technology sectors. His passion for local media and communications started the day he left school, when he landed a job on his local newspaper. After ten years working in regional press he joined British Telecom, starting out in Sales, before moving into management. Paul went on spend more than two decades in the executive team at Yell Group. working in both the UK and US.

Paul has always enjoyed operating at the forefront of transformational business change. He was part of the team that launched in 1996, and he went on to head up Yell’s New Media Sales & Operations teams. He spearheaded BTYP’s international growth strategy, which began with the industry-altering acquisition of Yellowbook USA in 1999. 

Paul’s extensive operational capabilities include Strategy Development, Sales & Marketing Leadership, Product Innovation, Digital Media, Customer Experience Management, and M&A. He has carried all the knowledge and experience gained across these disciplines into his work at Radicle, which he founded in 2010.

Paul has a reputation for being creative, inspiring, thought-provoking, passionate and fun to work with, yet he retains a customer-focused, output-orientated and above all, highly pragmatic approach to all his work. These attributes have enabled him to build an impressive international client and associate portfolio that today extends to all corners of the globe.

In addition to Radicle, Paul Plant works with the following  companies and organisations

Paul is Co-Founder of, an address lookup and validation solution that gets delivery drivers and riders to the correct front door, quickly and efficiently. More people than ever now rely on home delivery, for goods and services, for food and groceries, or just to ensure that the minicab or private hire car they ordered arrives on time, and at the right address. 

The platform is truly frictionless – it “pushes” the driver to the correct address, with zero effort on the part of the customer. Other systems will ask the customer to generate a locator code, or even create (and then try to remember) a few random words, to “pull” the driver to their address. At we think that’s just too much effort. Prolonging the ordering process with visible hurdles increases the likelihood that the customer will not complete the order. At PostTag we believe that less friction equals more sales – and happier customers! is a UK-based start-up with a solution to a global problem. It is a simple solution that promises to disrupt the SatNav and online mapping sectors. If you are involved with a company that depends on timely and accurate home delivery, check out – greater accuracy, more deliveries, less friction.


Paul serves as Director of International Partnership Development for Vendasta, a multi-award-winning Saskatoon (Canada) based software company, providing an end-to-end commerce platform for selling digital solutions to local businesses. 

With more than 30,000 channel partners across the globe, and serving in excess of 4 million SMEs, Vendasta is one of the world’s fastest growing tech companies. Its compelling suite of white-labelled digital solutions and ad-serving tools are available to media agencies, publishers and other enterprise resellers across the globe – in fact the platform is available to any company that has a relationship with local businesses. 

The Vendasta solution demystifies today’s rapidly evolving, dynamic, yet often complex and confusing, digital MarTech landscape, making it easier for resellers to forge meaningful and sticky long-lasting relationships with SMEs, as increasing numbers of local merchants seek to take advantage of the digital economy. 

The Covid-19 global pandemic has proved to be the catalyst for a significant rise in ecommerce adoption by small businesses. Vendasta was quick to respond to the imperative for SMEs to be able to continue trading during the lockdown period, launching “Protect Local”, an initiative to provide any SME with everything it needs to function online and trade remotely.


Paul is an advisor to the Asian Local Search and Media Association, a non-profit organisation for companies operating in the “Local Search” market across AsiaPac. ALSMA provides a forum for its members to network, exchange knowledge, experience, information and ideas while promoting symbiotic relationships through congress and enhanced communications channels. Members gather regularly – in person and virtually – to examine the challenges and explore the opportunities in “Local Search” in a spirit of mutual interest and to establish operating standards and best practices for the industry. Paul is a regular speaker at ALSMA’s annual conference, where he shares his insights and experiences on the local digital commerce ecosystem. Link to

At the end of 2009, was the first start-up that Paul got involved with. From humble beginnings in the founder’s kitchen, and turning over barely £100 a week, the company today employs more than 20 people, operating out of a 17,000 sq ft warehouse in Dunstable, and is now firmly established as one of Europe’s leading importers of authentic Mexican food and groceries. Named by The Times and The Independent as one of the Top 50 Food Websites in the UK, the company serves both the retail and wholesale markets, and is the preferred supplier of Mexican groceries to Paul continues to advise the company on all aspects of marketing and strategic development.

Paul is an unpaid marketing ambassador for The Cape Winemakers Guild and its annual auction. Formed in 1982, the Guild is an association of some of South Africa’s finest winemakers who jointly represent the pinnacle of their craft. The Guild presently has 48 members and every year they each produce up to two ‘special’ wines which then get tasted and voted on by their peers (via blind tasting) with the selected wines being put forward onto the auction, which usually takes place on either the last Saturday of September or the first Saturday in October. On behalf of the CWG, Paul organises a number of pre-auction tastings each year at selected venues in London and Edinburgh, where guests are invited to sample these exceptional wines prior to them going under the hammer.