Paul Plant is Co-Founder & Director of Operations at BigFive Digital

BigFive Digital was founded in 2018 by Paul, alongside three other highly experienced and respected digital media experts: Charles Laughlin, former Snr Analyst & Managing Editor, The Kelsey Report; Oscar Sousa-Marques, President of The Asian Local Search & Media Association; and Thabo Seopa, CEO of Awande Capital Partners, and former CEO of Trudon Pty. 

BigFive Digital champions and promotes digital enablement for local businesses throughout Africa & The Middle East, by supporting the diverse network of media, financial, technology and software companies engaged in the supply of products and services to SMEs. The term “Big Five” has a long and historical association with the continent of Africa, and the focus of BigFive Digital is on the five key sectors that are driving the mass adoption and growth of digital commerce across the region, namely SEARCH, SOCIAL, MOBILE, LOCATION, and PAYMENTS. 

Virtual Summit is open to companies involved in the supply and enablement of Digital Media and Technology solutions to local small businesses throughout the Africa & Middle East (AME) local commerce ecosystem. That means any company actively engaged in one of the Digital “Big Five” sectors of: Search, Social, Mobile, Location, and Payments. Plus any other company with a direct interest in local digital commerce.

Virtual Summit is free to attend, and will be conducted as a Zoom Webinar

The “magazine style” Virtual Summit will incorporate a mix of interviews, panels and keynotes covering a host of relevant, informative and trending topics currently affecting the entire AME digital ecosystem:

What will be the lasting impacts of the global Covid-19 pandemic?

- this will include the presentation of the key findings from our recent audience survey “The Legacy of Lockdowns”, together with interviews with prominent figures and thought-leaders from across the Africa/Middle East digital ecosystem

 A deep dive into the specific impacts of the pandemic on the small business sector, and what will need to be done to reignite local economies 

 The role played by social media as the global crisis played out

 The evolution of online mapping and location-focused solutions

 What needs to be done to reignite local economies

 What will be the role for digital media and SaaS tech solutions in the digital economy? And how will they be sold and/or bought?

 The constantly evolving, and increasingly important, role of FinTech, E-commerce, and new payment gateways, as Africa pioneers the advance of “a cashless society”

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There are three core components to BigFive Digital

BigFive Digital tracks companies, trends and market developments in digital media and cloud technology adoption by local businesses across Africa & The Middle East region. It is funded via memberships and sponsorships which support the production of a monthly newsletter, proprietary research studies, white papers, regional networking events, and Please check out the website for details about how you can become part of the BigFive Digital community.

Highlight of the BigFive year is usually our BigFive Summit, held over three days in the beautiful city of Cape Town. Sadly, the restrictions imposed following the global Covid-19 pandemic have meant that BigFive Summit 2020 cannot take place.

In its place we will be holding a half-day VIRTUAL SUMMIT on the afternoon of Wednesday 4th November. This FREE Webinar will feature talks and panels with influential thought-leaders and professionals from across the Africa/Middle East digital ecosystem.

Sponsorship opportunities are still available.

To get involved please contact Paul directly, either through this website, or at:

In response to the lockdown restrictions imposed by the global pandemic we have launched, providing opportunities for the BigFive community to remain updated and stay engaged, while hearing interviews conducted with business luminaries and digital thought-leaders from across the Africa-Middle East region. Each 20-30 minute episode is published on the YouTube channel. Subscription is free. Sponsorship and advertising opportunities are also available.