rad•i•cle n.

The part of a plant embryo that develops into the main root. In most seeds, the radicle is the first structure to emerge on germination.

"The Win, Keep & Grow Consultancy"

Helping companies to adapt and thrive in the modern digital economy.

The Radicle mantra…

Radicle exists to help companies respond to the challenges of market disruption and new technology, while exploiting the opportunities presented by online media and cloud-based SaaS solutions.

It's the objective of all companies, regardless of size, to maintain the business cycle of acquiring, retaining, and then growing customers. These three core facets of running a business become increasingly harder to achieve as the world evolves, with greater shifts towards commoditisation, and more intense competition. This point is especially acute as millions of companies around the world face up to the lasting impacts of the global Covid-19 pandemic. 

Our aim is to interpret market, customer and technology insights into compelling strategies that will deliver competitive advantage, either through the products and services you offer, or the ways in which you serve and fulfil them, or both.

The Radicle approach...

We take an immersive approach to your company and your project – we do not work from spreadsheets or textbooks and then tell you what to do. Instead we work with you, using proven techniques, market research and case study insights to achieve tangible outputs.

We begin by undertaking a diagnosis of your company’s situation relative to your market and competitors. This informs a range of strategic options which will typically be based on retrieving, maintaining or growing market share, or possibly the identification of new markets or business models to exploit.

We then work with your senior leadership and your operational teams to develop executable plans for successful implementation.

The Radicle promise...

Radicle’s principal commitment is to add value to your organisation – we know that positively engaged and empowered people make a difference. When we commit to your project, we commit not just to the development of the plan, but equally to the delivery of the plan. If we can’t deliver value, it’s unlikely we will deliver you with an invoice.

Some of the companies and organisations we have worked with...

Aftershocks & Opportunities

Aftershocks & Opportunities Book

The world is facing up to a ‘new normality’ as the longer-term impacts of the global Covid-19 pandemic start to take effect.

Radicle founder Paul Plant is one of the contributing authors to a relevant and timely new book, Aftershocks & Opportunities – Scenarios for a Post-Pandemic Future, which takes a deep dive into the ideas, developments and possibilities we will need to consider in our lives after lockdown.

As individuals, business leaders and contributors to society, what possible shifts should we be preparing for? What could our world be like post-pandemic? Will we create a more caring, inclusive, and sustainable world with new measures of progress? Or will we revert to how things were, with economic indicators as the central and dominant focus? What are the possible scenarios of how things could play out? 

Published by FastFuture, this book brings together the contributions of a group of 25 future thinkers from around the world, who have collaborated to create a book of powerful provocations, insights, possibilities, strategies, development paths and options for what our world could be like. 

To acquire a copy of the book, the link below will take you to the FastFuture book store:

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